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This is our offer to you. "Everything" begins with the expert advice of our formwork specialists. "Everything" continues with the products from our comprehensive range: from the framed formwork to slab formwork, formwork for pillars, wooden formwork system and single side support.

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Concrete formwork system

Framed formwork

PANAWALL formwork is a crane-operated panel formwork sytem.

Designed for use in residential, industrial, engineering and infrastructure construction.

Quality 18 mm multilayer panel, special construction of 13 layers of glued birch veneers. The surface of these plywood panels are coated as standard with dark brown phenolic resin film 220 g/ m² on each side. The formwork profile is made of high quality fine-grain steel - with profile height of PW - 100 mm and with profile height of PWP - 140 mm.

Slab formwork

PANADECK is the formwork suitable for all floor plans and elevations.

The prerequisites for an economical, safe solution for slab formwork vary considerably between construction projects, depending for example on:

  • the floor plan and dimensions of the premises
  • the "clear" slab height
  • the slab thickness
  • the number of re-uses/ applications
  • the concrete surface required

Formwork for pillars

Formwork for pillars PANALEX PAX


PANALEX PAX hinge mechanism:

  • Position structure
  • close/ block
  • pour
  • finished!

(monolithic system with no disposable components)

Positioning and reinforcement
Just one crane operation is all that is required to position the complete PANALEX PAX element on the foundation surface. The form is easily closed using the PANALEX PAX mounting lever. The alignment prop is screwed into the threaded Dywidag connection. Now just align the formwork system!

Wooden formwork system



The PANAVELOX ceiling formwork method is designed so as to reduce and simplify your work on site, thus saving time and money.

PANAVELOX formwork systems offer the following advantages:

Faster rotation of formwork material and thus improved savings. Use of auxiliary strips permits faster re-use of PANAVELOX formwork.

PANAVELOX formwork for reinforced concrete ceilings is the solution to your reinforcement problems.

High standardisation and versatility permit reinforcement of both simple and complex shapes in a very short space of time. The high frequency of use and simplicity of the system (materials can also be used for other reinforcement purposes) reduce capital outlays and are thus decisive in saving costs.

Single side support frame

The single side support frames are used for formwork with a single wall facing, example:

  • for stop ends of foundation plates,
  • for the realization of diaphragm walls and pile walls,
  • for the realization of retaining walls,
  • for the realization of walls against existing masonry and insulations,
  • for the realization of tunnels and underground systems,
  • for power plant constructions and dams with large wall thickness