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Construction of a residential complex in Buscate (MI).

Supply of 33 rm of formwork for single sided walls.

Concreting height approx. 2.40 m with the use of support frames TMF450, 2 concreting sections. 


Construction of a residential complex in Milan named "Corte del Moro" for 53 accommodations.

The intervention is subject to Navigli constraint.

The company used the formwork PANAWALL for the construction of the perimeter walls, stairwells and elevator with height 3,00 m and 4,50 m.


Residential Construction at Riva del Garda

  • Type of Building: reinforced concrete
  • Structure concrete volume: 2.000 cubic meters
  • Formwork in use: PANADECK
  • Estimate building time: 12 months



Construction of a underground multi-storey car park "FAIT" in the center of Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL)

Type of construction: full concrete slab 30-40 cm 

Total slabs surface area: approx. 4000 square meters

Supply of 650 sqm PANADECK slab formworks included of EN30 steel props for an internal height of 270cm.

Completion time of the slab: 7 months (October 2018- April 2019)


Construction of a "Bauernhof" (a typical farmhouse of Trentino- Alto Adige- Italian region) in the area di Bressanone.

Supply of approx 1.000 sqm PANADECK slab formworks with fall head system.

Year of construction 2019



Private house in Gais (BZ)

For the realization have been used approx 200 square meters of PANADECK slab formworks with fall head system. 

Year of costruction 2019


Construction of a storage hall in Rodeneck (BZ).

Delivery of 9 lm of single sided wall formwork concreting height 6 m with use of support frames TMF600, 10 concrete phases.



Construction of a large residential complex in Seis (BZ).

Vertical and horizontal wall.

Formwork in use: PANAWALL.

Construction year: 2020



Hotel in Davos (CH).

Delivery of approx. 1,000 m² PANADECK PD EM-TC and PDP.




House Navrik in St. Christina

Formwork in use: PWP and PANADECK PD EM-TC

Ceiling thickness: 40 cm full concrete slab


Construction of a warehouse in Blumau.

Height of jet 6 meters using our PANAWALL as well as PDP slab formwork (ceiling thickness 40cm).


Two-family house in Feldthurns.

The special feature of this building is the inclined attic ceiling.

Formwork in use: PANADECK

Year of construction: 2021


House Vera in Reischach.

Formwork in use: wall formwork PWP

Year of construction: 2021


Hotel Keil in Olang.

Formwork in use: PANAWALL galvanized and support frame TMF 450

Year of construction: 2021


Construction fo a "Bauernhof" (a typical farmhouse of Trentino-Alto Adige - Italian region) in the area di St. Lorenzen (BZ).

Formwork in use: ca. 500 m² PANADECK slab formworks.

Completion time of the slab: approx 3 weeks 

Year of construction: 2021


The residential center "HAUSBERG" is situated at prestige location in the Slovak Republic. It has two underground levels and four floors with 47 apartments. On the last 5. floor are luxury penthouses. Formwork in use: PANAWALL. Completion time of the slab: 6 months.